Helping Older Adults Avoid the Hospital during a Pandemic

Helping Older Adults Avoid the Hospital during a Pandemic

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A new business in Central Iowa is helping older adults to avoid hospitals and long-term care facilities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus is present in Iowa hospitals, long term care facilities and retirement communities. Due to age and presence of multiple chronic conditions, seniors are a vulnerable population during this pandemic. While we focus on changing our actions we like hand washing and social distancing, we aren’t modifying the behavior and environments of seniors to prevent hospitalizations and nursing home stays. 


According to the Iowa Department on Aging, 16.1% of Iowans are 65 years or older. Unfortunately for aging adults, they are at a greater risk for falls resulting in bodily injuryIn the United States an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds. Injuries from falls often include traumatic brain injuries and fractures, in fact, 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. Falls most frequently occur in the bathroom, which may be one of the most hazardous rooms in the house. 

Sydney Moore is a local occupational therapist with Happy at Home Consulting. She offers comprehensive assessments to seniors including physical abilities, cognition and home evaluations. Occupational therapists are a unique health profession trained to assess a client’s built environment and design solutions to better fit their needs. According to a study at Johns Hopkins, occupational therapy was the only spending category to reduce hospital readmissions.

“By providing services in-home or via telehealth, I’m better able to design personalized solutions for seniors to avoid falls,” said Sydney Moore, owner of Happy at Home Consulting. 

Sydney recommends some basic home improvements to decrease the risk of falling in the home, including – removing or securing rugs in the home, wearing adequate footwear, adding grab bars near the toilet and shower for additional support and improving the lighting throughout the home during the day and night. Of course, these are general recommendations to reduce the risk of falls. Clients should always follow up with a local occupational therapist for personalized, specific recommendations to decrease the risk of falls. Medicare beneficiaries do need a physician referral to access occupational therapy services. 

For more information about Happy at Home Consulting, visit their website at or reach out via email at

Happy at Home Consulting is a private organization based out of Central Iowa. 

Happy at Home Consulting is owned by Sydney Moore, an occupational therapist providing services to adults wishing to age successfully at home. Learn more at