Emotional Wellness & Aging

Authored by Sydney Moore, Owner & Occupational Therapist; a reflection of "Emotional Wellness & Aging," presented by Amber Wilson of Ananda Mental Wellness & Yoga. What does emotional wellness mean to you? What does emotional wellness entail? The National Institutes of Health defines Emotional Wellness as the ability to successfully…

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Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors

Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas, the holiday season is around the corner! As we begin gift shopping for our loved ones, many of us question what to buy the older adults in our lives. Maybe you’ve asked your loved one about their wish list and received an answer…

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Building the Care Team

If you wanted to build a house, what’s the first thing you would do? The first thing you might do is ask around for some recommendations on a builder. Because we all know the builder is responsible for the entire home project from start to finish, so it’s important to…

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Staying Connected

Socializing is one of the primary ways that we stay both physically and emotionally well as we age. Social isolation can also lead to detrimental health effects including increased risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke and depression. Strengthening social connections can help older adults to achieve emotional wellness and diminish…

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