Supporting Mom & Dad at Home

Aging in place is an important topic with 90% of seniors intending to stay at home for the next 5-10 years. There is a large number of aging adults wanting to stay at home, but up to 25% of seniors aren’t confident in their ability to live independently or aren’t…

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Helping Older Adults Avoid the Hospital during a Pandemic

A new business in Central Iowa is helping older adults to avoid hospitals and long-term care facilities during the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is present in Iowa hospitals, long term care facilities and retirement communities. Due to age and presence of multiple chronic conditions, seniors are a vulnerable population during this…

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What really is OT?

When asked if you would like occupational therapy (OT) services, you may think “I’m not looking for a job,” or “I’m retired.” Yes, an occupational therapist may help you prepare for an occupation. However, let’s review the definition of “occupation.” Merriam-Webster’s first definition of “occupation,” states: an activity in which one engages. An occupational…

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