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Caregiving for an aging adult can be an amazing experience, creating many fond memories and strong connections. However, caregiving can be challenging both emotionally and physically. Caregivers report an exponential amount of stress due to the many difficulties of caregiving. The persistent stress of caregiving can equate to burnout, sleep deprivation and depression.

The full circle approach emphasizes the well-being of both the loved one and the caregiver, because we all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. Full Circle Caregiving is a space for caregivers and family members to find resources, support & coaching, share stories & connect with others.

free resources

support & Coaching

Caregiver Coaching

Individualized sessions to empower caregivers & prevent burn out. One on one sessions designed to provide training and support during challenging times.

Family Support

Coaching sessions designed to facilitate progress toward a solution for a current challenge or design a plan to assist a loved one in aging well.

Group Coaching

Connect with other caregivers and family members experiencing similar struggles in a structured coaching environment.

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about me

I’m an occupational therapist by trade, but a Nana’s girl at heart. I spent many weekends at her house quilting, mint-making and spending quality time together. I have many fond memories of our time together, but remember the hard times too. The hospitalizations, falls and forgetfulness contributed to our family’s stress and concerns about her safety at home.

I created the Full Circle Caregiving space in hopes to provide an opportunity for caregivers and family members to learn from one another with my guidance along the way.

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