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Keeping you happy, healthy & safe at home.

Happy at Home Consulting is the answer to our struggles. Like many families, it was difficult for us to determine how to help Nana remain safe in her home.

Happy at Home Consulting provides insurance covered benefits and cash based services to adults in their homes. We aim to provide objective information, recommendations, and solutions to age well at home.

Happy at Home Consulting started as a mere thought in December 2018 as a solution to our loss. Our family was still picking up the pieces after the loss of my Nana in the spring. 

Nana had been living at home, alone with the help of her three adult children and a public health nurse weekly. She enjoyed driving out to the senior site for daily lunches and card games with her friends. However, she had multiple falls at home during her daily routines. Her memory continued to decline. We came to the realization Nana might not be safe in her home. There seemed to be endless “options,” with the possibility of home healthcare paid for by Medicare, assistance from the public health nurse, or transitioning to a care facility. Each option came with pros and cons. Home healthcare could not be provided unless Nana was homebound, meaning she could not leave for her daily lunch and card games. The public health nurse was only able to provide so much assistance. A care facility costing thousands of dollars per month. 

 A care facility was NOT what Nana preferred. She had lived in the same home for 60+ years. The home she bought as a newly wed, where she raised her three babies, and gathered with her family. We were unsure, concerned about Nana and her safety at home. Regardless, we could not make the decision for her. Nana was a strong, independent woman who made it work. She lived independently until she passed in 2018.

Following this experience, I founded Happy at Home Consulting. Our services are designed to assist individuals to live safe, comfortable lives at home. I hope we can support your family in the aging in place process while respecting each individual’s wishes.