Supporting Mom & Dad at Home

Supporting Mom & Dad at Home

Aging in place is an important topic with 90% of seniors intending to stay at home for the next 5-10 years. There is a large number of aging adults wanting to stay at home, but up to 25% of seniors aren’t confident in their ability to live independently or aren’t confident in the availability of current senior services. It doesn’t quite add up, right? 


It is overwhelming for families to consider the resources and services available for aging parents. There may be several options of senior services in your area, but how do you determine what is needed? If Mom & Dad have progressing, chronic illnesses  – how will their needs change?  It can be tricky for families to determine what services may be needed in the future. 


Addressing current and potential safety concerns is a difficult conversation to have with aging parents. Conversations may result in responses that may be interpreted as stubbornness, refusing help or memory concerns. Many aging adults are fearful of what the future may hold and the possibility of ending up in a nursing home. Fortunately, there are several community resources available to help families to navigate the aging process and identify the needs of aging adults.


There are several community senior care options and nursing home alternatives to help loved ones stay safe. It is possible for aging parents to stay home with the right care. However, one of the biggest limitations in the aging process is financial resources. In-home care, assisted living and nursing care can cost a pretty penny. Assisted living facilities can cost between $2,000-6,000 per month depending on location and services provided. Assisted Living Facilities typically do not qualify for Medicare payment and not all Assisted Living Facilities offer Medicaid options. This can especially be a surprise when families weren’t expecting to need services or experienced a traumatic event requiring a higher level of care. 


Our new workbook is designed to coach those with aging parents who want to stay at home. I designed this workbook to be a free resource for aging adults and their family members. We can’t write the future, but we can design tentative plans to help expect the unexpected. I hope this work book leads to respectful conversations & quality time with loved ones.

If you have questions regarding this workbook, potential needs, or other aging related questions please reach out to us.