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Our webinar series provides the opportunity to connect with local professionals to discuss important topics relevant to aging adults & families. These educational events are free to the public! Register for our next webinar and find resources from previous webinars below.

Previous Webinars:

Most of us have a very rough draft of a storm preparation plan. It goes something along the lines of: “tornado sirens go off, head to the basement.”

What if you aren’t physically able to descend a full flight of stairs? What if you are an oxygen user and your tubing doesn’t reach downstairs? What if you lose power and your insulin needs refrigerated?

These are some of the many unique needs of seniors which may require a more intricate plan. Start preparing for Iowa weather with our free template here

There are so many amazing benefits to regular physical activity! Most of us understand the importance of exercise, but do you know the effect of exercise on the brain? Research shows how regular exercise can prevent cognitive decline as we age. Check out tips from our webinar with Enhance Performance Therapy here

Many seniors rely on telephone use to communicate with loved ones, particularly due to social distancing requirements. Age related hearing loss may present unique challenges for seniors in using a typical telephone. Telecommunications Access Iowa (TAI) and Relay Iowa will be presenting on various equipment, services & grants available to individuals with hearing loss in Iowa. Find resources to download here

Aging is full of twists, turns & unexpected events. Knowledge is power when it comes to aging at home. A tentative plan can identify potential needs, help families to find resources early and better roll with the punches of aging. For more information, check out our free handout here.

Caregiving can place an extraordinary amount of stress on any relationship and often compromises quality time with loved ones. Geriatric care coordinators can be excellent resources for families and often improve the quality of life for both the loved one and caregiver(s).

Find the full Q&A session here:


If you, a loved one or a client has a diagnosis that at times may impede their ability to make sound decisions, it may be worthwhile to explore your state’s regulations regarding limited guardianship and medical power of attorney
For those residing in Iowa, this webinar with Letsch Law Firm, P.C. explains how current Iowa regulations affect these processes. 
Find the replay on our Facebook page here:
If you have specific questions, please find Cynthia Letsch’s contact info online at:

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